Thursday, July 19, 2012

crocodile update

We now know why mama crocodile was so touchy yesterday.  We also know that she really is a mama.

She has been hanging out at the bank all day.  Along with at least six little ones.  There may be more that I cannot see.

They are really cute.  Especially those eyes.

But I am staying away from her beach.  Mother bears and mother crocodiles are not to be botheed.

Knowing all that, I still have the urge to pick one up.

Don't worry.  The urge is fully suppressed.


Mcotton said...

These babies will grow up and when they do, mother and her children can all come after you at once.  You won't have a chance.

Mommy with Commuter Husband said...

Wow ... another interesting Mx adventure definitely!

Andean said...

Uh-oh. Is that the bank nearest to you? :0 Unless someone has tied you up indoors, the suppression bit is hard for me to believe.
The medium one I saw must have been her partner, they were inseparable, and I mean literally.

Steve Cotton said...

Yup.  I was just out there.  Just like they sing in the Canadian anthem: she stands guard -- even tonight.

Steve Cotton said...

What could be better?

Steve Cotton said...

Unfortunately, very few will survive to be adults.

Andean said...

I knew it!