Sunday, July 29, 2012

empty magazines

Life is generous.  It gives us second chances to re-live both our illusions and delusions.

One paraded in front of me yesterday afternoon at the Manzanillo Airport.

I love magazines.  When I was planning my move to Mexico several years ago, I read and listened to a lot of advice.  Some of it good.  Some of it not so good.

One of the worst pieces of advice I received was that the Mexican mail system could not be trusted.  That may have been good advice in a different century, but it certainly is not true now.

However, I listened to it.  I was convinced if I relied on the Mexican postal service, I would never again see a politician's face grinning up at me from the front cover of The Economist.

For every problem there is a solution.  Or so we childish Americans believe.  I knew where I could find magazines in Mexico.

Manzanillo International Airport is a half hour from my house.  Airports have news stands.  News stands have magazines.  The magazines may be a week out of date, but that would be better than doing without.

For various reasons, I never put my theory to the test.  Between Mailboxes, etc., the local postal service, and my Kindle, I have more reading material than I can effectively digest.

But it is just as well that I did not rely on my airport connection for magazines.  As you can see in the photograph at the top of this post, I would have had to materially modify my reading habits.  Unless I developed a completely new urge to be fully briefed on the secret lives of Mexican celebrities -- most of them soap opera queens.

And what was I doing at the airport?

I am heading north for two weeks.  The first few days I will be in Salem for some makeup birthday and retirement dinners.

Then I will bus over to Bend to visit my mother and brother.  My Mom and I will then drive to Powers (our old home town) in southern Oregon to induct her cousin into the town's hall of fame.  I am speaking.

We then turn around and drive back to Bend on Monday.  On Tuesday I fly to Reno to get a new diver's license and to register to vote.

A quick road trip to Lake Tahoe and Los Angeles will round out the agenda.  And I will be back at that magazine rack in Manzanillo on Saturday.  Only to turn around and drive up to San Miguel de Allende on Monday for two weeks.

So, even if I could have found a magazine to read at the airport, there would be little time to read it.

That schedule is almost as busy as the president's these days.  And I don't even get to raise millions of campaign dollars for all of my efforts.

On the other hand, I suspect I sleep better.


John Calypso said...

I was probably one of those you refer to, "One of the worst pieces of advice I received was that the Mexican mail system could not be trusted."

This of course is very regional and you should consider yourself fortunate. Our mail system was beyond horrible when we moved here 7 years ago. It has improved and would probably be rated as passable at this time. Certainly signs of progress. Apologies if we were the purveyors of what you deem as mis-information. Can only call them as we see them.

You have an amazing travel schedule - I do not like to travel much anymore having developed a FULL travel dance card when travel was much classier than it is these days. Be safe.

DonCuevas said...

Why Reno? Is it easier to register to vote there and to get a new "divers?" license?

We have just, as you know, acquired our drivers' license to last 10 years. We should live long and enjoy them.

I am already planning a car trip to to the wonders of the state of Hidalgo for a week, perhaps in late september.

Saludos,Don Cuevas

Andean said...

Good luck with your speech!
And enjoy la familia.

Babsofsanmiguel said...

I don't understand Nevada either.  Texas has no state income tax, is within driving distance and you can renew your driver's license online.  That somehow makes more sense to me.....but, heck what do I know?  Right.......See you soon.  Your palace awaits!

John Calypso said...

 Why Reno?

Probably a better tax situation - as in NO state tax in Nevada. btw Las Vegas is our U.S. base ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

Most of the postal advice came from the "retire in Mexico" books.  I suspect the information was simply dated and, as you point out, varied by region. 

This year has been my big travel year.

Steve Cotton said...

Nevada has been my state of residence for the past two years.  I did not register to vote when I made the change,  And I do not want to miss this year's fun and games.

Steve Cotton said...

Two reasons.  1. You are correct: taxes.  I am tired of handing over money to Oregon.  2. Voting.  In Nevada my vote means something.  In Oregon, it simply is another vote for losing candidates.

Steve Cotton said...

 Thanks.  I have not stared working on it.  I will probably write it on the drive to Powers.

Steve Cotton said...

I have property connections with Nevada.  None with Texas.

min said...

 You are so right about this years Vote.

Thinking about what I am going to with my house in V A.

May be a snow birds!

Have  safe trip!

Steve Cotton said...

Thank you for the kind wishes.

Shannon Casey said...

Have a nice trip, and let us know when you are in San Miguel. It would be nice to get together for a meal.

Steve Cotton said...

I shall.  It appears my two weeks in San Miguel will be almost as rushed as my trip north.