Sunday, December 08, 2013

a day that lives in natality

Yesterday was Pearl Harbor Day.  A day that was supposed to live in infamy is quickly becoming a day that does not live in our memory.

But 7 December will always be remembered in our family; it is my brother's birthday.

You all know Darrel.  He has replaced Jiggs as the human interest part of Mexpatriate.  Well, Jiggs with a far less surly personality than my dearly departed golden retriever.

Road trips through Mexico.  Sporting events in Baja.  Adventures in Bend.  You have shared them with us.  And each of those little outings has improved my life.

That is one of the joys of having a brother as a best friend.  As much as we enjoy our trips together, we also know who we are.  After all, I have known him all of his life.  (I have the advantage of having two secret years he did not share.  My brief reign as The Only One.)

On my last night in Bend, Darrel, our mother, and I indulged in a bit of south-of-the-border cuisine to celebrate his birthday -- two days early.  My mother loves Mexican food. 

But it wasn't the food that made the evening.  The joy was in sharing a relationship with my brother and mother.

So, Darrel -- Here's to you.  Happy birthday.  And may you have many more.  All of them healthy and filled with thrills.  And with me tagging along.

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