Friday, December 06, 2013

learning to do without

This is what I wanted to see in my new Escape in Mexico.

Not the snow -- even though that would be nice to see for maybe one day.  What I wanted to see was the backup camera that comes standard with the Titanium model my mother bought.  But it is simply not available from Mexican dealers.

No 4-wheel drive.  No Eco-boost engine.  And no back-up camera.

The only place I thought the backup camera would be handy was backing into my rather barrow entry gate.  Narrow enough that I have already added three small scrapes to the rear left fender.

But after driving my mother's Escape, I have discovered the camera would not be very helpful to me.  After all, it is the sides of my Escape that are put in danger as a result of my complete lack of depth perception, not what is behind me. 

And not having a camera saves me from the ever-present maternal warning: "Please check surroundings for safety."

And I will get to see my Escape much sooner than I had originally planned.  My land lady notified me today that my house in Melaque suffered a break-in.  A quick survey reveals a missing laptop, a large flat screen monitor, a printer, and a camera. 

There may be more.  That is why I am flying south -- to ensure a full list makes it to the police.

The items that were stolen are not much of a loss.  The keyboard on the laptop does not work.  The monitor is so old it did not work with my Windows 7 laptop.  The printer ink carriage had enough briny encrustations to pass for a French sloop in the Napoleonic era.

The camera was still in operating condition -- my old Panasonic.  But it had fallen into a stepchild relationship when I bought the NEX6.

All in all, I can easily go on -- learning to enjoy life without several items that were outdated or that are certainly not necessities.  May the new owners find what joy there is left in possessing things.

When you read this, I will be in the air.  And, if all goes well with my temporary relationship with Alaska Airlines, I will be back on the internet air in another day.

See you then.

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