Friday, December 27, 2013

some new spice for the pot

It is about time to add something new to my blog roll.  It's over there on the right.  Blogs I read regularly.

The list is dynamic.  Some of the blogs have been there since I first started writing same life -- new location.  What you might call the beta release of mexpatriate.  Some old blogs have disappeared.  A couple of new ones have replaced them.

Today I am adding two additional blogs.

They are not new.  But they have some elements in common.  Both are written by women.  Members of the church I attend.  Women of faith.  Full time residents of Mexico.  And they both live within walking distance of me.

But they are also quite different.

Let's start with a mama's logbook.  It is written by Alexa, who spent a good portion of her life growing up as the daughter of a missionary in Mexico.  She and her husband, Ben (you met him in border tales -- with a cup of coffee) run what I am told is one of the best coffee shops in town.

But the business is not the center of her blog.  Her family is -- as you can tell by the title.  Ben and Alexa have two of the cutest children you are likely to encounter.  Ayden and Willow.

Alexa's writing has no pretension.  She is very direct.  Whether her topic is her children or her community or her faith, it is served up straight -- a cup of black coffee.  But, always with a cookie.

She occasionally speaks at church -- especially in the summer when we all take our turn at the sermon.  I quickly learned to listen to her when she speaks.  You will enjoy listening to her when she writes.

Robin is closer to me in age.  She and her husband, Scott, moved down here from Canada.  He is a builder -- one of his houses was top on my list when I first considering buying here. 

She teaches languages.  (I keep promising to attend her Spanish courses, if for no other reason to convince her that my Spanish is far worse than I describe it.)

Her blog is insidemex -- a compilation of stories about her experiences in Mexico as a volunteer, a language teacher, a traveler.  She brings the same flavor to her writing that she brings to her summer church talks -- where she delivers her dramatic Bible writings wearing appropriate costumes.  She is an artist. 

Inevitably, she covers some of the same topics I write about in Melaque.  That would be impossible to avoid.  We travel in some of the same existential circles.

I always find it interesting to read her rendition when we write about the same experience.  Of course, none of us have the same experience -- even when we are present for the same event.

As an example, take a look at her Posada at Pinal Villa and my the gift of the littlest magi.  Same event.  But different spins.  Different perspectives.  When you finish reading Robin's pieces, you feel as you have been sitting talking with a friend.

So, there are my late Christmas gifts (or maybe early New Year's gifts) to you.

Enjoy meeting Alexa and Robin.  I am proud to call them my friends.

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