Wednesday, January 08, 2014

fiery women defend defiled maple leaf

The Canadian newspapers are all abuzz.

It appears that two of their own have been arrested in Mexico City.  Two Canadian women.

Their crime?  Not apologizing because the hot dish was not quite what it was last Christmas?  Excessive use of "eh" when an illiterate "huh" would do?  Causing a traffic tie-up while making certain everyone in the car fastens her seat belt "before this car budges one inch?"

Any of those would have been understandable.  But these two loyal subjects of her Majesty have been arrested for tossing Molotov cocktails at an office of the Mexican Department of Communications and Transportation.  In the process, these aspiring Emma Goldbergs proved to have the aiming capability of Mr. Magoo and managed to take  down several vehicles near a car dealership.  (Obvious motor tools of capitalism.)

Now, it is not clear if the vehicles belonged to the government or to the private business -- or if the Fiery Mamas of Mexico City even cared who owned them.  It was probably good enough for them that neither of them owned one.  And that they could make A Statement.

That is not the only curious factoid in the story.  There are several more.
  • A Mexican national was arrested with them.  But that is all we are told.  Where is the back story?  Maybe the Mexican national is a starving artist with a Trotsky fetish who beguiled the young women into performing what they thought was an innocent anarcho-syndicalist bit of street theater.  (But, this is the Canadian press.  The third person was Mexican.  Why waste space on something that may actually be interesting?)
  • What does the Canadian government have to say?  “The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development is aware of two Canadian citizens currently detained in Mexico.  Canadian officials are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information and consular services are being provided.”  Translated into English: Yo, babes.  You are on your own.
  • But there may be a reason for the laconic official Canadian response.  The newspaper article informs us: "[T]he Canadians were transferred into the custody of the Central Investigation Agency."  I am assuming that is a Mexican governmental unit, though I cannot find it listed anywhere.  Considering what has been happening with the NSA these days, the Red Bottle Brigade may be on their way to Guantanamo.
Undoubtedly, we will hear more about the backpack filled with homemade explosives devises that was discarded, as if it were a Mexican potato chip bag, by one of the Canadian bombers.  Apparently, similar small explosives have been exploded at several banks in Mexico City.

This was the kicker: "Those attacks have been attributed to small groups of leftists or animal rights activists."  And if you think I am going to draw any punchlines from that bag of low-lying fruit, you underestimate me.  I will let you connect your own dots.

Here's my theory.  For too long Canadians have read stories in their newspapers that their fellow countrymen have been targeted with mayhem and accidents in Mexico merely because they are -- well, Canadian.  Someone had to do something to prove that the troops who fought so bravely and victoriously against The States so recently in 1814 were not an anomaly.

And why shouldn't it be two women?  This is the modern Canada.  You don't need testosterone to "stand on guard for thee."

You can almost hear the curriculum for The Women's Study course being printed right now.


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