Saturday, January 04, 2014

the sun says tomorrow is here

Annie was correct.

The sun did come out tomorrow.

After a full week of rain (and some very temperate days in the high 60s and low 70s), the Melaque of tourists' dreams has returned.  Sun.  No clouds.  Heading toward the 90s.

It is the absence of clouds that seems strange.  The sky is clear.  Almost a cobalt blue.  And, at night, the stars are as bright as in the Mojave.  The fuzz of humidity has washed out of the air and is mixed with the sewage draining into the laguna.

Speaking of the laguna, I saw my first crocodile on our little beach yesterday.  The first I have seen in about two weeks.  Though I did not see her digging it, there is also a hole in the same spot as last year's baby croc hatching.  All in preparation for next summer's high drama, I would guess.

The weather is a bit fickle -- as it is everywhere.  This would have been perfect for the Mexicans enjoying their Christmas vacation at the beach.  Rather than the rather cool and wet greeting they got this year.

But the sun is here for the Canadian visitors -- who welcome its warmth after their escape from coast-to-coast snow storms.  I must confess that even I am happy to see sun that sticks around long enough to dry my sheets and towels.

And the plants?  Well, this week was their Big Gulp until next July.  Unless something really unusual happens.

Something usual would be that our continued flirtation with temperatures in the 90s will eventually moderate to something closer to the average of my internet speed. 

And for my blogger pals in the highlands, instead of throwing another log on the fire, why not jump in your respective cars and come down here for a week or two.  After all, I will probably return the favor this summer.

In August, Annie will be belting out the immediate appearance of another sunny day.  While I am tuning up my ear for the next chamber music festival.

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