Tuesday, January 14, 2014

one year closer to death in my birthday suit

Today Egyptian voters head off to the polling places to determine if they can take another run at making Egypt a modern nation.  I wish them well.

For me, the day is a bit more personal.  I will mark the passing of one year less I will have on this fascinating orb zooming through space at 43,200 MPH.

And a great year it has been.  On days like this, I am glad I write this blog.  I just glanced through the posts during the past 365 days.  If I had not written the essays, I suspect I would have forgotten about 80% of them.

I hope that is not due to an age-related failing memory, but to my new-found ability to live in each given moment.  That has perhaps been Mexico's best gift to me.

So, what am I doing for my birthday?  I am heading to Manzanillo to draw a line under my root canal treatments.  I have an appointment.  I think.  It is either today.  Or on Thursday.  Or on Friday.  The messages on my telephone have been a bit sketchy.

A couple of readers have also been very helpful in giving me leads on where I might find a computer monitor.  Radio Shack.  Walmart.  Office Max. 

I may even head back to Office Depot to ensure I properly understood the shelf stocker last week.  It seems odd that a company that sells computers would not sell stand-alone monitors.

When I return, I need to start finishing up my talk on Thursday.  I have a list of things to do -- and most of the materials I will need.  The hard part is sitting down and doing what needs to be done -- instead of frittering away my time enjoying my life in the tropics.

So, happy maybe birthday to Egypt.  And happy birthday to me.  This song is just for us.

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