Monday, January 27, 2014

the winds of charity

Winter is the kindest months of all.  At least, here on the Costalegre.

All of the organizations that want to address a problem in Mexico has a narrow window to seduce northerners into loosening their billfolds.  Education for Indian children.  Food for the poor.  Sterilization for street dogs.  Diapers for unwed mothers.  Buildings for local schools.  Vouchers to authorize cats and dogs to live together.

Yesterday it was Rotary's turn to gather the pesos of charity. 

For the 7th year in a row, the local Rotary put on a rather unique fund raiser.  Restaurants and individuals are invited to whip up their best chili (and salsa).  The local community then buys tickets to test the wares and vote for the best chili and salsa in both amateur and professional categories.

Of course, it is really a way for people to get together, have some fun, and drop money in the pot for the good causes Rotary is known for around the world.  Last week I helped deliver school supplies to students in the surrounding villages.  At least two of the schools had buildings built through the efforts of Rotary.

Even though I attended the last two cook-offs, I didn't try the chili.  The line to buy scrip was too long.  I shot a few scenes and boogied.

This year I arrived early enough to buy tickets -- and to sample five entries.  That is, before the good chili ran out.  People are willing to donate money.  But they are also bound and determined to get their money's worth in food.

The chili was generally mediocre.  Some better than others.  But the food was just the mechanism to get people together to have fun.  And fun we had.

I did not ask these women what their "Four Aces" sign meant.  I simply assumed they were members of a retired dance hall gals society.

And these three beauties masqueraded as "amateur."  At least, that is what their sign says.  Dressed in those outfits, that is not the noun that pops to mind.

But it was all in good fun.  And fun it was.  I left early in the afternoon, but the music and dancing were scheduled to last into the evening.

I am glad I took the time this year to partake in both the food and the frivolity.  The dance hall gals will need to wait for another time.


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