Friday, June 06, 2014

breakfast at korcula

Every journey, just like every relationship, has its own arc.  From the elation of something new with the inevitable grudging acceptance that things are as they are.

I certainly have ridden that road over the last few days on this cruise.  But, this morning, as I was sitting on the deck eating a full breakfast that was brought to my cabin by a cheerful attendant, I realized how lucky I am.

Here I sit on the Adriatic with a view that people pay huge sums of money to enjoy.  And I get to start the day with a cup of tea, an omelet, watermelon, and marmalade-smeared croissants.  It really could not get much better than that.

The trip has had its ups and downs.  But this morning helps to make up for most of the downs.

It is a great morning here in Croatia.  And I am glad you stopped by to enjoy it with me.

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