Sunday, June 29, 2014

man down

Just before I flew to Phoenix last week, the giant bougainvillea in my courtyard suffered a fit of the vapors, and fainted away -- flat as an Georgia belle (showers of blessing -- sometimes).

When we left this sad tale, I had no idea if the gardener would be able to resuscitate the beauty.  He couldn't.  So, my landlady called in an expert. 

He concurred there was no possibility of getting the plant back to its original position.  Surgery was required.  Drastic surgery.

It is good that most plants take well to a severe pruning.  They usually go into a frenzy to start new growth.

As you can see from the photograph at the top, the plant will have plenty of room to improve (as we once said in our performance review days).  The trunk and the main stems are intact.  And restrained to the wall in a fashion similar to what English gentlemen pay good money for in Paris.

And I like the open space.  We can now prune back some of the other plants to match this minimalist look.

I said yesterday that the laguna will soon be back to normal.  The courtyard may take a bit longer.  But it will be fun to watch it grow,

That is, if I ever spend some time here.

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