Monday, June 23, 2014

showers of blessing -- sometimes

Even the blessed rain brings its own consequences here in Mexico.

The primary reason my house is surrounded by flowers most of the year is a result of our rainy season.  And there are always plenty of plant stars in my secret garden.

I suspect each year I have lived here I have posted photographs of the giant bougainvillea canopy in my front courtyard.  It is not merely one bougainvillea, but several.  With three different flowers.  Red.  Salmon.  Purple.  All grown together in one beautiful resistance-is-futile Borg complex.

You can see the effect in the photograph at the top of this post.  But, if you look closely, something is not quite right.  If the canopy was a chorus line of Rockettes, the entire right wing would be woefully out of step.

As a result of a rain storm on Saturday night, the weight of the water snapped the ropes supporting the canopy.  Or one of the major trunks may have given way.  I have not had time to investigate.

The gardener says he wants to try pulling it back into place.  I suspect he is being overly optimistic.  I foresee hedge clippers, large garbage bags, and a lot of band-aids.

But all of that will happen in my absence.  At Leo's invitation, I have decided to fly to Phoenix for Theresa's service to deliver a eulogy.  I really have no choice -- and it is something I very much want to do.

I am trying something new.  I always fly out of Manzanillo.  But that limits the flights I can take.  On Tuesday, I am driving to Puerto Vallarta for the flight north, and leaving my car at the airport for a Thursday return.  It may give me another option in the future -- for short trips.

When I return, I will either have another hole in the landscaping -- or all will be at it once was.

Note:  As I was writing this post I received news that another friend, Brad Harper, died on Sunday.  I will write more about Brad as the week progresses.

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