Wednesday, July 01, 2015

dancing in the dark

Now and then, I wish I could create some of the paintings I like to collect.

Take last evening.  I was on the beach to watch the phenomenon we talked about a few days ago (lights in the distance) -- witnessing Venus pass Jupiter on their respective rotations around the sun.  There they were, closer than two thoroughbreds at a Kentucky Derby photo finish.

I snapped a couple of photographs.  Of course, without special equipment, they appeared to be two mismatched headlights coming at me on a drive to Puerto Vallarta.  Not really photo-essay quality.

Then, I turned around.  The true show was taking place on stage right.

I have been noticing the moon make its way through its phases during the past two weeks.  Reading in the pool at night has been a bit easier with the moon's assistance.

Last night, it was showing off what it could do when it is in its glory.  And our beautiful bay was eating up the moonlight like a diva consumes attention.

What could be more tropical than a full moon, a shimmering bay reflecting the light right back to its source, and a beach to top it off?  Even the weather was cooperating.  Hot and muggy, but with a constant breeze that could make us Costalegre denizens a bit jealous of islands with trade winds.

Evenings like this make up for Mexico's flaws.  At least, they make me forget about them. 

After all, I can do little about the flaws.  I can do a lot about just enjoying the fact that this moment is mine.

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