Tuesday, July 21, 2015

i hate insurance

That may sound odd coming from a guy who spent the last 19 years of his working life in the legal division of a workers' compensation insurer.  Of course, that may be the reason why I do not advocate purchasing insurance.

Having said that, I am a limited insurance consumer in Mexico.  I have policies for the house and for the Escape.  The house insurance is primarily for the potential of earthquake damage.  I could probably do just as well by putting the premium in a savings account -- and I would still be pesos ahead if the Big One hit.

Car insurance is another question.  I have had it since I moved to Mexico.  First, through my agent in Oregon, who insures a lot of Mexican families who move between the two countries.  That insurance was great for tourists, but not quite what I needed for Mexico.

That relationship changed a couple of years ago when I bought my Mexican Escape.  I decided to buy my insurance through a local businesswoman, Tracye.  The agent was in Guadalajara.

There are plenty of horror stories about northerners who have automobile accidents, and do not have insurance.  Or have insurance that is inadequate.  In both cases, automobiles and drivers are often impounded until an agent can arrive to settle the damages.  And some insurers have the reputation of being very slow in getting an agent to the accident.

For that reason alone, having the telephone number of a reliable agent is the most valuable asset when buying a policy.

About a month ago, a conversation broke out on our local message board concerning the best agent for insurance.  My answer was Tracye.  I quickly learned that she was getting out of the pass-through insurance business.  She has been sending a letter to customers when their policies are up for renewal explaining the situation.

And pointing out that the agent, Jesús Tejeda Mejorada, who has issued all of the policies through her office is willing to renew policies directly.  The insurance company remains the same.  The agent remains the same.  His ability to speak perfect English remains the same. 

If an insured suffered an accident during the current insurance policy, he would use the same procedures in the future by buying a policy directly from Chuy.

For some reason, a number of the people who insured through Tracye are looking for an agent in the Manzanillo area.  Perhaps, on the theory that local is better. 

As for me, Chuy has been been issuing my automobile policies for two years and my new home policy since October.  I am sticking with him.  After all, I have felt confident that, if I needed someone to come to the scene of an accident, he would respond.

It may be inertia on my part.  But, to quote Martin Luther: Here I stand; I can do no other.

For those of you who may still be looking for insurance, here is his information:

Jesús Tejeda Mejorada
Insurance Broker
01 33 35631300

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