Friday, July 03, 2015

the magic gift hole

Something in my youth programed me to believe the post office box was a portal to a world where one only had to wish -- and the benefits would flow.  Just like Social Security.

I have long had that feeling.  It started in Powers when I would accompany my mother or grandfather to the post office to check our box's contents.  At some point, I must have ordered something with box tops -- even though I have no idea what it might have been.  But the connection was made.  The mail forever would ping a Pavlovian response.

When I ordered my book and DVDs from Amazon, I was certain (based on the experience of others) it would get to Mexico.  But I was not so certain about it being delivered to my post office box -- even though my friend Nancy told me it had worked perfectly for her for years.

My skepticism was tucked in for a long nap yesterday afternoon -- or, actually, Wednesday evening.  When I checked the DHL site, it informed me the package had been delivered, and the delivery slip was signed by Saul Rodriguez Madreuno.

I immediately knew all was well.  Saul is the postmaster at my little chat shop.  If he signed for it, there would now be a notice in my box that a package had arrived.

When I walked in, I didn't make it to my box before Saul had the package on the counter.  We talked a little about the new Amazon warehouse in Mexico City and speculated on whether that would affect Amazon shipments from The States.

Most people who have priced items at the new Amazon site in Mexico have reported that the prices are higher than the same items purchased in The States.  But there are also exceptions.

If I try Amazon again, I am going to shop on both sites.  And I probably will order more from Amazon.  Having a ready source for DVDs (without relying on the local pirated copies sponsored by the narcos) is reason enough for me to keep on shopping Amazon.

It may be time to buy some CDs to replace the albums I tossed in Salem.

At least, I am no longer agnostic about using my postal box as a delivery point for my packages.  That piece of information alone is worth the cost of this little experiment.

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