Thursday, October 06, 2016

barcdate #1

There is good news and bad news in today's medical update on Barco.

The good news is he came through surgery with little complication. When Andres, his vet, opened his abdomen, he conformed the stomach was turned. Even though there were some necrotic spots on several areas of the stomach (where blood had been denied due to the twisting of blood vessels), none of the other organs had been damaged by the bloated stomach.

Even though Barco's chronic bronchitis was a danger factor during his anesthetization, he did not suffer any unusual problems during the surgery. After he recovered from the anesthesia, he threw up some digestive liquid. That was expected, and it evidences the recovery of the stomach.

The bad news concerns the bronchitis. Barco's lungs are spotted with inflamed bronchi. That is what caused him to be short of breath yesterday -- the immediate cause for admitting him to the clinic. It will take some time for him to fight it.

For the next week, Barco will stay at the clinic. He is on oxygen to assist his breathing process. And he needs time for his incision to heal.

I have not driven over to Cihuatlán to see him. Andres told me I could, but I know Barco. If he sees me, he will think it is time to come home. I will let him rest for a couple of days before I put him through the stress of a visit.

It will also give me time to accomplish a few tasks I have left undone.

Unless anything newsworthy happens, this will be the only bulletin until I bring him home.

Thank you for your prayers and your concern.

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