Saturday, October 29, 2016

quiet on the home front

My lapse into silence portends nothing -- other than a dead computer.

It appears my hard drive decided to vacation in a small Croatian village where there are no telephones. Not even the voodoo chicken would revive it.

I drove to Manzanillo today and picked up something to tide me over until I can buy a computer I really want. But I needed a computer quickly. I am heading off to Pátzcuaro on Monday, and I wanted to have the ability to share my trip with you.

I had intended to publish some photographs of Friday's Day of the Dead booths constructed by local high school students. Maybe tomorrow.

For now, though, I will do my public service by reminding you Mexico drops out of the daylight saving time racket early Sunday morning. We get back the hour that was ripped from our slumber in the Spring. And that is all I have to say about that.

I hope to put up some interesting shots tomorrow -- if I can figure out how to upload them on my new system.

If not, see you in Pátzcuaro.

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