Saturday, October 08, 2016

barcdate #2

When I posted the last update on Barco's condition (barcdate #1), I thought it would be the only one until I announced Barco's reunion with me in the house with no name. No such luck.

I had considered driving to Cihuatlán today to see how Barco was doing in his recovery wire cage. My idea was to take him one of his favorite stuffed animals as a scent reminder that his home still existed.

Before I drove over there, I stopped to discuss the idea with his vet, Andres. I am glad I did.

He told me Barco would be better off to not be disturbed right now. His recovery has been very slow. The incision is healing, but his bronchitis is worse.

He cannot eat solid foods. But he is retaining the liquid food introduced by syringe. A stuffed toy would just be in the way.

So, I will put off seeing him.  In person.

For the past two days, I have been seeing him in his usual haunts around the house. When I am in the pool, I have grabbed for bottle tops to keep him from stealing them. When I turn around after writing on the computer, I am prepared to scold him for getting up on the bed.

I hear him. I see him. I sense his presence.

Of course, it is all in my head -- just like the rest of my life.

I have had the same experience with people. My friend Bud died before I moved to Mexico. I still have an urge to call him to get together at one of our favorite lunch spots. Patti died just this last year. But I cannot hear the word "chess" without laughing and then starting to call her.

Our minds do odd things. They refuse to allow the spirit of loved ones to leave us. And that is a blessing. Maybe it was that spirit that made them special to us in the first place.

It may take longer than expected for Barco to return home. Until then, I need to be content with his essence.

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