Saturday, August 04, 2018

cleaning my sensor

Mexpatriate listens to its readers. To its benefit

Last month, Hank (a reader and occasional commenter) pointed out the photographs I had posted in an essay on unusual activity on our beach (mr. moto takes a vacation) were a bit off. He suggested I might have fungus or dirt on my sensor.

I took off my camera lens to examine the sensor. He was correct. He also handed on a great piece of advice. There were kits available to clean the sensor. My natural instinct of using a microfiber cloth would have almost certainly permanently damaged my sensor.

He directed me to the source that is often my best friend -- Youtube. And, sure enough, there were three videos that identified my problem and directed me to a solution.

So, I turned to another friend. Amazon. The kit I needed was on offer and could be shipped to my Mexican address. (For some reason, some of Amazon's products simply will not make a border transit, even when sold through Amazon.Mx.)

Through the magic of home delivery, the kit showed up the day before I left for San Miguel de Allende. And this morning, I sat down at my computer table in the casita that will be my home for Augusr, and thoroughly cleaned my camera.

I am now putting on my shoes to head into town to buy tickets for the remainder of the chamber music festival (eight more performances) and to shoot some of the scenes that always make me chuckle and shake my head when I visit.

Thanks, Hank. You have made this a more interesting visit.

I hope.

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