Tuesday, August 31, 2010

méxico en la piel

Music is an art, not a science.

OK.  I know music is based on a series of mathematical considerations.  Measures.  Beat.  Rhythm.

But they are not music.  They are merely the tools that allow composers to share their souls, their poetry, their hearts with us.

For some reason, this topic keeps coming up in my life.  The latest installment was a discussion with my house sitter.  He prefers his music (especially, film music) without lyrics.  I like instrumental music, as well.  But there are times when lyrics are necessary to tell the composer's tale.

I may need to eat a bit of crow.  At least a wing's worth.

Dan of North Carolina is a frequent commenter on this blog.  Because of my obvious interest in music, he sends me video clips he finds intriguing.

The video embedded below is from him.  And it came at just the right time.

He noted that some of my recent posts indicate a desire to be back in Mexico.  He is right.  Yesterday's post is a good example.  I am about to miss the second centennial of Mexican Independence because I am in Oregon.  And it should be a grand fiesta.

My heart longs to be in Mexico.  That is where the music comes in.  Music can reach out to spirits looking for something missing in life.  And that is exactly what Dan's submission did for me.

The song is
México en la Piel, made popular by Luis Miguel.  The music is celebratory music at its best.  And in Spanish, the lyrics sound liltingly romantic.

They aren't.  In fact, they sound as if they were written by an ad man while waiting to catch a plane.  That is where the crow comes in.  Lyrics do not always add to the emotion music speaks to us.  Sometimes lyrics can be an impediment.  Like these.   

With one exception.  The recurring theme of the song.  "This is how Mexico feels/Like lips on your skin."  Evocative.  Simple.  warming.

So, ignore most of the subtitles, and give free reign to your love for Mexico.

I did.  And I feel better for it. 


Tancho said...

So hurry back, the hourglass sand is running out!

Adrienne said...

Oh, Tancho, you nailed it!

Adrienne on E Street

- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Very nice video!
Funny tho, it makes me miss Mexico and I haven't even left. I guess I miss that innocent Mexico that I feel has been taken away. I hope we the people can get it back.
Hurry back, gringo! Like Tancho said, that hour glass. . .

Steve Cotton said...

ancho -- But I know where to find plenty of sand to replace it. My Mexican beach.

Adrienne -- You are reminding me once again to live my life to the fullest.

Mexican Trailrunner -- Ah, nostalgia just isn't what it used to be.