Monday, October 29, 2012

time out

Each year since I have been here, I have written a post about Mexico's return to standard time a week or two before The States and Canada fall back an hour.

There are good reasons for the difference.  The primary being that Mexico is closer to the equator and we have less meed to "save" daylight.  Our days and nights are closer in length all year long.  Certainly much closer than the frigid plains of Alberta.

But I did not mention the pending change on Saturday this year.  For a good reason. I forgot.

We talked about it at church last week.  Telling tales how folks show up an hour early for church in the fall.  And then make up for it in the spring by being an hour late.

Even after participating in what could have been self-mockery, I went to bed without setting the clocks an hour back.  I got up at my regular time and prepared breakfast.

It was not until I started reading comments on my blog that I looked down at the clock in the lower right corner and realized I could have slept for another hour.

So, we residents of Mexico are now an hour closer to our northern brethren.  Until the law puts everything into balance once again in a week.

And, as luck would have it, I will be in Oregon for the change this year.  That means I get two hours back when I only lost one last spring.

With logic like that, I could be a government economist.


norm said...

Daylight savings time makes this old man sputter...

John Calypso said...

"With logic like that, I could be a government economist."

There is a statistic that can be made to work - everywhere ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

I just need to find one that makes the equity in my house look adequate.

Steve Cotton said...

I have never been very fond of it myself.  And Mexico has very little need for it -- other than its economic connections with its two northern trading partners.

Kim G said...

Actually, you're another hour farther from your U.S. counterparts, at least those who observe EDT.  Where last week F was one hour behind me, he's now 2 hours behind me.

We can all blame congress for this lunacy as this was part of the what? 2006? Energy bill.  Seems like we'd be spending less energy if we just changed the clocks when the rest of the world did.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we are anxiously awaiting Sandy's nighttime arrival. Meanwhile, the winds keep getting stronger.

Steve Cotton said...

A lot of countries have abandoned daylight saving time altogether in the last four years.  At its height, there were something like 40 different variations in start and stop dates.  The irony is that recent studies have shown that switching back and forth actually uses more energy, instead of less.  And you ask why I am a libertarian? 

Mcotton said...

In Oregon many years ago, the powers that be put on the ballot "daylight saving time." We voted it down, they tried again, we voted it down, they tried the third time.  Again we voted it down.  Then they said we didn't know what was good for us and the legislature made it a law.  So much  for citizen's choice.

Steve Cotton said...

There you have it in a nutshell.