Sunday, March 10, 2013

art on the road

Today is the day my art collection goes to my nephew in Portland.

I cannot tell you why, but finding a home for my art caused me more concern than trying to find a home for my library or my LP collection.

We are not talking about Picasso here.  But the art is museum quality.
When I was ordered to Europe the first time, the wife of a commander suggested that I pick up as much art as I could.  I followed her advice.  First, with a series of Dutch oils.  Then a few British water colors (or would that be "colours"?), pencil drawings, and oils.  And a third group of lithographs and oils from Israel, France, and Italy.

I could have placed the pieces in one of our local galleries for re-sale.  But the collection is complementary.  And I wanted to see it go as a lot.  That made re-sale almost impossible.

As has happened so often with this house sale, the solution came ready made.  I was over at my nephew's house celebrating his son's birthday.  In passing, I asked if he and his wife would be interested in taking my art on loan.  They jumped at the opportunity.

I spent a day wrapping each piece in bubble wrap.  Tomorrow, I will be up early to pick up a van from U-Haul.  And north the collection will go -- with my brother's help.

One more task checked off of the list.  And one day closer to my return south.

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