Sunday, March 24, 2013

billie redux

I had been blogging for less than six months when I decided to tackle one of my favorite political topics -- drug legalization.  A four-part series terminating with drugs -- the summary.

The connection with Mexico was obvious.  But I was still living in Oregon.  My move south would be almost a year away.

At the time, my blog was picking up about 75 readers a day.  Most were probably spam hits.  But I was writing for myself.  As I still do.

But that series turned out to be my breakthrough.  Thanks to the referral of a fellow blogger.  Billie of Billieblog.

Billie read the piece and posted a link on her blog with some very kind comments.  My readership spiked.  And it has grown ever since.  Thanks again, Billie.

She has now started a new blog -- Reservations for One.  Describing it as: "A journal about the Third Chapter, my life as a widow. Cooking-for-one, Entertaining, Travel, Grief, Family, Friends, Ageing, Photography and Living in San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico."

Head over there.  Pull up a chair to her table and enjoy your conversation with Billie.  I always do.

As for the family Cotton, we are on an airplane flying south to Manzanillo.  Adventures to follow.

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