Thursday, March 28, 2013

axle of evil

The line between eccentricity and lunacy is often very thin.  I have a small house in the borderlands.

But I have no idea where the driver of this truck falls.  You met him just over a year ago in che hitler goes for a drive.  Rather, you met the truck.  I have not yet been able to corner the driver for a chat.

Last March the truck was festooned with a swastika on each side of the truck bed -- and a caricature (if that is not redundant) of Che Guevara on the right tool panel.

Yesterday, I noticed that the axis powers have shown additional colors.  The tool panel door (along with Che's visage) is gone.  As is the swastika on the right side of the bed. 

But it has been replaced by the rising sun of Imperial Japan.  A flag that rose and fell during the battles of World War II.  The same flag, of course, that displayed the nationality of the aircraft that conducted their sneak attack at Pearl Harbor.

I took a peek at the other side of the bed.  There was another rising sun and a swastika.  All that was missing was a bit of Mussolini paraphernalia to complete a full trifecta of evil.

Of course, Italy, Germany, and Japan are now our allies.  Having been beaten to a pulp.  Times were a bit more clear cut in the 1940s.

Our Axis enemies today are just as apparent.  But our approach is heavy on the Neville Chamberlain and completely missing in the Winston Churchill category.

And what will be the truck owner's next art project?  Something that might cause a moral stir?  Like satirical cartoons of Muhammed?

Don't count on it.

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