Sunday, March 31, 2013

an egg-citing morning

I discovered something new this fine Easter morning.

Something in addition to the awe I discover every morning waking up in Mexico.

The something new I discovered is that Easter bunnies can fly.  Or climb trees.  Either way, I had no idea.

I have been writing about bunnies (Dr. Bunny, the rabbit cake bunny -- death of a playgoer) since I was four.  But flying rabbits is something even my fevered imagination could not conjure up.

But the proof was right there before my eyes.  As I sat down to eat breakfast on the patio, I glanced up and saw this prize hanging from my ficus.

Undoubtedly, a gift from a bunny with supernatural powers.  Or it could have been my landlady once again showing her Easter creativity.

Occam's Razor would probably help me with that conundrum.  But this is the season of miracles and resurrection.

And acts of kindness that make being human a joy.


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