Friday, March 01, 2013

color and light

Thursday was my last full day in Bend.  And a good day it was.

Including its ending. 

While we were preparing dinner at my brother's house, I glanced out the window.  The sky had taken on an eerie light.  Beautiful, but cold.  As if a narrator had begun a Grimm "once upon a time."

By the time I found my camera, the moment had passed.  But the remnants of the day are there in the photograph at the top of this post.

My brother and I spent the day together -- doing brother stuff.  Shopping for onions for an onion soup.  Buying dog food at Costco.  Driving around town.

He asked me if I wanted to take a look at new cars.  We had been talking about my plans of driving the Escape back to Oregon if I get my permanent resident status.  The best advice I have heard is that I could no longer drive a foreign-plated vehicle with that status.  Even if I could, it is time that I stopped acting like a tourist if I am going to live in Mexico.

Doing a bit of dreaming, we looked at a Porsche or two along with a couple of Audis.  But the SUV that caught my eye was the Volkswagen Touareg.  It has about the same cargo space as my Escape.  And costs quite a bit more.  But it is subtle enough to avoid attracting any attention.

When I return to Mexico, I will start shopping for one in Guadalajara.  I have not yet completely discarded the notion of a new Escape.  But buying a car is a lot like dating.  You can plan all you want, but the right one will strum your heart.

While we were out and about, my Mexican telephone stopped working.  I had carefully placed almost $150 (US) of time on the telephone before I left.  And I thought I was carefully nursing my data usage.  Apparently, not enough.  Because I received a notice my time was up.

Being resourceful lads, we tried to purchase a new SIM card to let me buy telephone time here in Oregon.  But the telephone was locked.  That meant purchasing an access code.

And that is where the saga is right now.  Darrel and I are planning on driving back to Salem in the morning.  When we get there, I hope the code will be in my email inbox.  A quick trip to T-Mobile will then put my telephone back in service for however many days I have left in Oregon.

But the high point of the evening was that dinner I mentioned earlier.  We decided to have another birthday dinner for Mom.  Ham.  Brussel spouts.  Salad.  Scallopped potatoes.   And the infamous family dessert known only as "Yuck."

And we had what has become one of our trademark situation comedy events.  I truly love spending time with my family.  I just wish I could convince them to join me in Mexico.

On Friday, I will be back to my house-packing.  With a little tale of just how ridiculous bank
bureaucracy can be.

But, for now, my brother and I are on another short road trip.  Just as brothers should be.

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