Thursday, March 14, 2013

more signs

Yesterday I wandered off on a three mile trek to take care of some errands.  If I had taken more walks like that I would not have added on 30 pounds since I started my house selling adventure.

Each year I need to file a tax return as the trustee of a family trust.  I have used the same Salem accountant for years -- and have never considered hiring someone a bit closer to my legal residence of Reno.  I suppose I have enjoyed the excuse to fly north to rainy Oregon in February to talk taxes.  Go figure.

A dentist is in the building next to my accountant's office. I do not know if the dentist is new, if there is a new sign, or if I just have not noticed it in the past.  But it is a great sign.

There is something amusing about names that are counter-intuitive to a person's chosen profession.  Chip for a dentist?  It is almost as if Louis Leakey had decided to give up archaeology in favor of plumbing.

My amusement was replaced by bemusement when I crossed a bridge over the creek that occasionally brings flood waters to my former employer.  Someone had constructed an interesting sculpture from rocks and debris on an isle in the middle of the creek.

I am not certain what the piece represents.  But it is interestingly primitive.  As if Grandma Moses had traded in her oils for boulders and brush.

My inquiries about the artist led nowhere.  No one seems to know whose work it is.  But the piece is often modified.  Some phantom Rodin has found a medium.  And it is far less offensive than the local graffiti artists.

Speaking of artists, someone must be practicing the white arts in my favor these days.  As you know from yesterday's post, the bank derailed the closing of my house sale by disapproving the buyers' loan.

Not to be deterred, we were prepared to proceed with alternative financing.  My realtor called me yesterday morning to let me know the bank had mysteriously reevaluated its earlier decision -- and the closing is now back on for this week.

That was very good news.  Because my refrigerator disappears later today.  And the movers are showing up early on Friday to pack off some goods to Goodwill and the rest to Bend.

To top it off, the day felt like a late Spring day.  Warm.  Sunny.  Clear skies.

Life is good.  In practically every way.


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