Sunday, December 06, 2015

booking my future

We are back in Barra de Navidad -- after a 5000 trip north and south during the past three weeks.

Three weeks?  Actually, two days less than than.  t seems as if I have been away from the house for at least a month.

One of my rules of travel is to empty the car within an hour of arriving.  And then putting everything away.

The requirement was met.  Almost.  Darrel and I unloaded most of the plastic containers and stored (or displayed) the contents.  Books are shelved.  Clothes are hung.  Kitchen goods are sorted and drawered.

By carting my goods down from my mother's garage, I have managed to impose part of my old life on my Mexican modern dream.  When I bought this house, I intended to start with a fresh look.  Clean lines.  New furniture. 

That was the idea.  Even though everything I brought down has utility (well, maybe not the pile of sweaters), they are part of my past, rather than my future.

Take theses cook books.  I gave away about 80% of my collection to Goodwill when I moved out of my Salem house.  There appears to be no consistent thread to the rump I retained.  Some were gifts.  Some have recipes I cannot find elsewhere.  Some are simply pretty.

But there they are.  Just waiting to assist me in putting together the dinner parties I dream (and write) about.  And I have no excuse now with a full complement of china, flatware, and linen napkins.

And maybe that is how this trip has furthered my life in this house.  The accessories may not be Mexican modern, but there is no reason I cannot live a Mexican modern life.

Bring on the guests.

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