Thursday, December 24, 2015

twas the night before christmas

When I bought the house in Barra de Navidad, the first words out of a friend's mouth were: "Just think what you could do with this courtyard decorating for Christmas."

She obviously did not know my feeling about celebrating Christmas.  I generally don't.  Even though our town has Christmas right there in its title.

I won't bore you with my reticence to join in the usual Christmas goings-on.  No, I am not a Scrooge.  Yes, I am a firm believer in the incarnation -- or, at least, a version.  And, yes, I do have some great memories of Christmases past.

These pages have included my family's rather eccentric calendar for holidays.  We did celebrate Christmas.  And still do.  When our calendars let us get around to it.

But as far as decorations go, I am a minimalist.  Yesterday our blogger pal John Calypso shared his Christmas tree with us over at Viva Veracruz and Viva Puerto Escondido.  (If he buys any more houses, I am going to have to start abbreviating that title.) 

His post gave me an idea.  It was time to break out my Christmas tree.  After all, traditionally, they go up only late on Christmas Eve to surprise children on Christmas morning.

There it is at the top of the page, hanging on the frame of a portrait of the late great Professor Jiggs.

I am not certain where I got it.  The label says Ecuador.  I suspect it was a gift from my mother as a memento of one of her travels.  Wherever it came from, it is enough to let me know that Christmas is just around the corner.

Lest you think I do Christmas on the cheap, I have also put out three Christmas candles that I purchased from a neighbor boy when I lived in Milwaukie.  For a school fundraiser.  There are always school fundraisers.  Even here. 

That must have been 1988 or so.  I put them out if I remember where I last put them.  Had I not made the trip to Bend in November, these items would still be in my mother's garage instead of symbolizing our remembrance of the birth of the messiah.

So, there you have it.  Christmas at the house with no name, brought to you by the dog with many names.

I will say it once again, now that it is a bit more timely, I wish you all a blessed Christmas. 

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