Thursday, December 10, 2015

puppies on the half shell

Today was puppy day.

At least, it was puppy shopping day.

Darrel and I spent the first part of the week accomplishing what must be done to get a house back in operating order -- even after a short absence.  Because most of those tasks were completed, I decided today was a day of pleasure.

My neighbors' golden retreiver gifted them with nine puppies.  Several have been sold.  While I was up north, the owners told me at least one of the male pups would still be available when I returned.  It turns out two are.

During the birth process, the owners placed different colored yarns around the neck of each pup to keep track which pup was which.  I already wrote about the "green" pup (going to the dogs).

In a comment, Tancho (I think it was) wisely reminded me that we never choose dogs; they choose us.  I put that adage to the test on our visit.  When the owner released the pups and the mother into the yard, I sat down to see which pup would come to me.

They all did.  As did the mother.  Of course, it was a stacked test.  These are golden retrievers.  They see everyone as a friend and ally.

But the "green" pup paid more attention than the others.  I was also pleased to hear that he has a very laid-back disposition.  We have lots of loud noises around here (including firecrackers and fireworks).  I find fearful dogs to be a bit tiresome.

The "red" pup is the bad boy of the litter.  He is very alpha and vocal.  And a bit disdainful of the antics of his litter mates.  I like that in a dog.  Professor Jiggs had a lot of that attitude.

I promised the owners I would contact them by Saturday.  Darrel flies back to Oregon tomorrow.  I will not be flying with him -- even though I may join the family for Christmas in Bend later in the month.  Or I may not.

A dog I will get.  (How could I avoid that conclusion after being surrounded for an hour by puppy flesh?)  The question is whether I should buy two brothers.  They would keep each other company.  But raising one puppy will be hard enough.  Two would be exponentially more than twice as difficult.

So, I have some thinking to do.  And I know you will all give me a hand -- whether I ask or not.

Remember -- anyone who says I should get one dog (or both) is a potential dog sitter.

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