Friday, December 11, 2015

he'll be baaack

Brother Darrel is winging back to Oregon tonight.

Time has an odd way of passing when you are enjoying each moment.  It was just over a month ago that I picked up Darrel at the Manzanillo airport.  It seems like yesterday -- and a year ago.

In between 7 November and today, a lot has happened.  His arrival saved me from one of my obsessive moods that was pulling me into gullies where I had no business treading.  For that alone, I thank him.  Pulling me away from here for a few weeks was just what the doctor would have ordered if she had heard about my delinquencies of the mind.

But we did far more.  We spent days and evenings reminiscing about the scars (some of them physical) that we inflicted on each other over the years.  Each one is a treasure.

And, of course, there was the Sebring 500 run for the border on our quick round-trip to Oregon.  It was great to free up my mother's garage and guest room from most of my belongings.  But the rummage sale boxes we retrieved were hardly justified by the trip.  What made it worthwhile was having time to monopolize my brother -- and, of course, the burrito at Dorris. 

Our colds ratcheted down our usual verbal ripostes.  But it was still a memorable visit.

The best thing about seeing Darrel off was knowing that he will soon be back -- along with Christy.  And we can start it all up again.  I may even be tempted to fly up to Oregon for Christmas.  Even though that prospect is quickly fading.

When I opened the garage gate tonight, I realized this is the first time since mid-July I will be living in the house by myself.  I do not mind that.  After all, that has been the story of my adult life.  It is just an odd change to return to my normal life cycle.

It will give me an opportunity to work through the "no dog; one dog; two dog" decision I intend to make by tomorrow.  The fact that I have leaned in each of those directions over the past two days means that any answer is a good answer.  The fact that I may go to Guatemala in February and to Colombia in March is going to play a big part in my decision.

But, for now, I am wishing Darrel godspeed on his way to Bend.

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