Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i have a little list

Well, I had a little list.

And it was little.

I just wanted to accomplish a few things on Monday. Get some pesos. Buy some hangers. Not much.

But I ended up not leaving the house -- except for one emergency mission to attempt to get Jiggs a cortisone injection.

The owner of the house where I am staying was up early this morning to drive back to her summer home in Wisconsin. We said good-bye to her around six. We also thought there would be plenty of time to sleep in.

But not so. At 8, the bell at the front gate rang. I thought it was the maid. But I was wrong. It was two fellows who were at the house to repair several errors in bathoom tile they had installed earlier this month.

While my brother was dealing with that project, I started laundry. The house has a washing machine, but no dryer. Like most houses around here, clothes are dried on the roof.

Four people can create a lot of laundry -- even when the laundry is primarily sheets and towels. After five loads of washing and drying, I have learned far more respect for people who maintain houses.

I had hoped to put my clothes in the master bedroom and to set up my computer in the office. But that is where the tile work is taking place -- and there is plenty of dust. I decided to wait.

Instead, I set up the kitchen while Darrel treated our fruits and vegetables to a nice bleach mix bath. The house is starting to feel like home.

But the day got away from us.

Several readers urged me to bring my own sheets to Mexico. Sheets do not matter that much to me, but I bought some fancy-schmancy high-thread count sheets. They certainly felt nice.

I washed them. Dried them in the sun. And was ready to put them on the bed.

I do not like fitted sheets. They always seem to outsmart me because I try to put them on the bed incorrectly.

I was in my bedroom muttering away that something was wrong with the sheets. Darrel came in to help me -- imagining, of course, that his brother was incompetent in another mechanical task. But he could not get the sheet to fit either.

We looked at the label: "Queen size sheet set." The bed is a King.

I was positive that I ha bought a King set. I could see by ther look in my brother's eyes that he was prepared to declare an "operator error."

I felt vindicated when we looked at the other sheet and the pillow cases: "King size sheet set."

Vindicated, but no better off. I now have a set of sheets that will fit neither the King nor the Queen beds in the house. Darrel will take them back to the store when he returns to Oregon.

When I stayed at the house in July last year, I recognized there was a real danger of becoming a hermit. Everything I need is right here. I can get almost anything delivered to the house. What I cannot get delivered, I can purchase within a few minutes' walk.

When Darrel leaves, I will need to consciuosly get out and learn my Spanish. I already know quite a few people from the homeowner's introductions and from my own efforts during the last two trips down.

I wonder if there is anything like a social hermit?


Laurie said...

Five loads of clothes? Wow! I worry sometimes about my hermit habits in Honduras. But I have always been a bit of a hermit, in the US too. I leave it to God. Have a great day.

Islagringo said...

If you shut your doors and turn on the air conditioning, you are doomed.

Anonymous said...

you, a hermit, no way!!!! and there is always manana to do the things that don't get done today. you've got 6 months in the house so just ease into things. and how is the prof. this morning? you said you attempted to get him a cortisone shot-did you succeed? i do hope he is doing better.

have a great day!

glorv1 said...

First of all, I'm happy Jiggs is a little better. Second, sounds to me like you are doing a little better too even though the sheets don't fit. No biggie, pretty soon it will be too hot for any blankets. What are you going to do when your brother goes home? I'll bet you that you will miss him and maybe even feel a little insecure? This is something for you and your brother and of course jiggs to always cherish. The memories that you have created. The talks on the way over here, the feelings of brotherhood, sharing household, and having to let go so that each one goes on with his life. You have a story to write and you should be printing or downloading all of your blog so that others can read your story. My best to Jiggs and hugs for him as usual. Take care Steve and enjoy your new abode.

Babs said...

Yup, me! How is Jiggs.........

Felipe said...

You´re a hermit like Bill Clinton is a hermit. By the way, I never disinfect anything but leafy veggies, and I don´t die. Just rinse stuff off in the sink.

Much of the stuff in your supermarket in Oregon came from Mexico. You likely just did not know.

Of course, others will disagree with me. They also will have medical insurance that includes medivac to the U.S.

Don´t worry. Be happy.

You never did say what kind of church you´re gonna go to. Hope it´s not something that embarrasses you. Santería?

Again: Don´t worry. Be happy.

Steve Cotton said...

Laurie -- Most were sheets and towels. When the woman who owns the house left with her friend, I tore down all of the beds and washed up everything. Certainly more conscientiously than I did in my own home. (I think I left the guest room sheets sitting on the bed.

Islandgringo -- Even if I did that, I would still have to deal with the world. The maid was here last evening. She is very patient with me, but she seems to pity my ability to understand. Now I know how Jiggs must feel when I try to tell him things. As for air conditioning, I am avoiding it.

Teresa -- I did not get the injection for Jiggs. Both vets were out. I will try again this evening. But he is doing a bit better. We went for a walk on the beach, and he did not fall down.

Gloria -- All is well. In fact, I cannot think of one thing that has not turned out well on this trip. I have enjoyed having Darrel here, but things will be fine when he leaves.

Babs -- Aging. But he is doing better this morning than he has. He skipped his breakfast in favor of a beach walk. He is now sleeping soundly.

Felipe -- I am not too concerned about the food. And I do not have health nsurance, either. Life has too many wonders; fear is not one of them.

As for the church, nothing to hide. I am attending the little English-speaking church I mentioned during my last visit: San Patricio by the Sea. I discovered that I had met a large portion of the congregrants (Actually, the total was not a large number in this off-season.) on my previous visits. I suspect my application for hermit status will be rejected.

1st Mate said...

Steve - I admire your persistence in getting all that laundry done. Don't you love solar dryers?

Yes, it is easy to become a hermit, especially when you're settling in. Don't worry, soon you'll get bored with it and start sniffing around for new places to go and people to meet.

Chrissy and Keith said...

San Patricio by the Sea is a nice little Church. We attended there once when we were staying in town.

Anonymous said...

Steve, we had a great old dog about the same vintage as Professor Jiggs. His arthritis was helped by Royal Canin Mobility Support dog food. In fact, he went from being almost unable to walk to returning to daily strolls on the Melaque Malecon. He also was able to get into the water and do some swimming at the West End Beach where there isn't much wave action. We considered that this food gave us three extra years with the old boy. Not sure if you can get it in Mexico. We're in Canada and actually picked it up at the Salem Pet Medical Center on our way heading south every year. Enjoying your blog and missing being in Mexico.

Steve Cotton said...

1st Mate -- I have never dried clothes on a line before. It was quite the experience-- one I will continue to have down here.

Chrissy -- I have enjoyed each of my visits to the church.

M -- I wish I had known before I left. The cortisone helps him, but it is really tough on his organs.

New Beginnings said...

Steve-I think I was one of the one's harping you about linens. Are you cursing me now???

Holly C. said...

I've never heard of anyone short-sheeting themselves!

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Hanging clothes to dry. Impressive. I admit we have a dryer.

Linens came with our rental property. I just had to laugh the 1st time we washed. 1/2 the sheets were the wrong size: queen fitted on double, twin top sheet on double, etc. Still that way. We survive.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Steve, we were buying Royal Canin Mobile support for Mr Dog, our vet special ordered it. The vet was concerned about the continued availability so we switched him to the Costco senior, mostly we needed something without wheat in it. But thinking about it, Mr Dog certainly slowed down physically when we changed his food, so anonymous may be on to something. We were paying something like $800 or 900 pesos for the big bag, more than twice what the other dog food costs, but we may change back if we can still get it.

Jan Morgan said...

Hi Steve,

I've attempted to leave a message before and don't think it worked. I'm going to do a short one as sort of an "address check". Could you let me know if you get this? My email is jan.morgan@comcast.net

Our best to you and Mr. Jiggs,

Jan, Mike and Ace the wonder dog

glorv1 said...

I dry clothes on the line all the time when the weather permits. Saves money and it's fun.

Steve Cotton said...

News Beginnings -- I was happy to buy them. I just wish they would have worked.

Holly -- But you will never catch me selling myself short. :}

AMM -- I am learning the art of Making Do. See you in a few days.

Theresa -- If I can actually get in to see a vet, I will ask about ordering it.

Jan -- It worked fine. Nice to hear from you.

Gloria -- it certainly is a change of pace. But I hate the stiff towels and socks.

Shirley said...

I love your photograph. It reminds me of my childhood as an Hispanic female but it also reminds me of my vacation in San Miguel last spring. You lucky thing!!