Sunday, April 05, 2009

one saturday to go

Wow! Time disappears even on Saturdays.

I knew that most of the day was going to be well invested in another retirement party. My management colleagues wanted to do something special as a farewell.

That did not keep me from sleeping in on Saturday morning in a feeble attempt to fight the dreaded Head Cold. And when I did get up, the day was beautiful. Clear and in the 60s. More like the Oregon springs I know.

Professor Jiggs had been very patient with me throughout the past week. He obviously enjoys the attention I give him while I am home. But we have not had our traditional morning and evening walks.

Saturday was different. We walked through his park. But we added an extended excursion. The cherry blossoms are in bloom around the capitol building. They are a little late in blooming, but the show was spectacular. You can see the result in the photograph at the top of the post.

We got home an hour later than I had planned -- just in time for me to get cleaned up for the drive to Portland. I drove up with my former supervisor, who is also the mother of my insurance agent -- for all things American and Mexican. We had a great conversation. The type of talk you can only have after the business relationship no longer exists.

My colleague, who put together the farewell party, really outdid herself. The food was bountiful and delicious. And the camaraderie was every bit as good. I ended up trooping away with more gifts -- all of them very practical.

Speaking of stuff. I took a closer look at the few items I am taking along to Mexico. Even with my stripped-down list, I cannot fit everything into two suit cases. The pots and pans alone could fill that space.

My brother has advocated the purchase of a truck-top cargo carrier. I think he is correct. As long as the dog is making the trip, I will need the extra space. His food alone will take up room. (Even though I have heard that the customs officers are quite methodical in confiscating dog food with any beef byproducts. Mad cow and all that.)

So, I will be in the market for a roof-top carrier during the next week.

I had hoped to retire early on Saturday because I was feeling a bit better. Several weeks ago, I commented that I had presented my last sermon and drama presentation at church. And I thought I had. Instead, I managed to get myself talked into another skit for Sunday morning. This time it is a monologue -- about three minutes.

I stayed up far too late memorizing lines. Because I cannot say "no."

And I wonder why I end up missing deadlines on other projects. Go figure!


Felipe said...

Though Señor Calypso fails to appreciate the wisdom of my take on some things, that certainly does not make him a bad person. Quite the contrary. He appears a stellar individual and wonderfully open to contrary notions.

Odd how these things play out at times.

Islagringo said...

Soon, grasshopper, soon you will be able to rest. And you better learn how to say no also!

Larry in Mazatlan said...


I've never met anybody who had their dog's food confiscated. Can't imagine anybody would care. You'll want to move it from the bag to a bin anyway because of the humidity.

Unless you use "hot sheet" hotels, you'll want to unload the carrier every night.


Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

What a beautiful picture of Salem! Nice job.

Regarding the roof-top carrier, we never had any problems with anyone tampering with our trailer or the truck canopy (and don't tell anyone, but the canopy doesn't really lock and anyone could open it up.) Nevertheless, at every motel we would take our laptops, our "important docs" files, and Mike's meds in with us for the night. But never a problem...

Calypso said...

I have a theory that the many thefts you hear about are close to the border.

We seem to have very little theft here and we have hauled a trailer down here without any problems - using the same precautions Cynthia mentions. Of course this may be the luck and optimism I mentioned in the last post.

Steve Cotton said...

Felipe -- And how we can actually learn from one another.

Islandgringo -- I doubt I will ever be able to say no. Instead, I just run away.

Larry -- Thanks for the tip on putting the food in a sealed bin. I never thought of that.

Cynthia -- Sometimes worrying just seems to bring on bad results. If I cannot afford to lose something, maybe I should not have it.

Calypso -- Ditto.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a cap for the truck pick up box (bed). No need to unload daily and it provides a lot of storage.

Steve Cotton said...

Francisco -- I use the term "truck" loosely. I have a Ford Escape. "SUV" would be more accurate; "truck" appeals o my testosterone. A Thule carrier is probably my best bet -- if I can find a used one around town.

glorv1 said...

How exciting for you. Please drive carefully and don't forget to stop at places that allow family pet members and let jiggs out for short walk on leash of course. (too many cars driving fast) God bless you and yours. Take care when you leave.