Friday, April 03, 2009

revenge of max headroom

The head cold continues to take its toll.

I was going to sleep in on Thursday morning in the hope that a little rest would help me to battle this thing. But I had put a memorial service on my calendar. So, up I struggled to walk over to the church at 9.

Nothing. No cars. No people. Locked doors.

The rest of you have already figured it out. The service is next Thursday.

Home I tottered. Because I was up, I took the dog for a long walk. By then, there was no hope of falling asleep. Instead, I decided to notify all of my friends and acquaintances of my new internet address.

Now, that should be an easy task. Mark all of my contact
s and draft an email.

Of course, it is never that easy. There is always one address that has a flaw and causes the email to fail. Just like that one blasted Christmas light that causes he string not to light.

I ended up sending almost 300 small groupings of addresses. There went three hours of the day.

The result is that I have now heard from a lot of people I have not talked with in years. The email keep rolling in. That was worth all of the trouble.

I then drove over to Best Buy to purchase two volumes of CD/DVD holders. Each volume has room from 300+ discs. I filled up both volumes. And I was surprised how long it took to open each case and put the disc in the book. Not tiring, just boring.

This will be an interesting test. Mexican Customs restricts duty-free crossings to 5 DVDs and 20 CDs. With the few items I am taking, I hope I will not be a duty target. But we will see how the trade war instigated by our president will play out at the border.

And then I was off to bed early. A former client is stopping by early tomorrow to pick up some things I will not be leaving in the house.

The preparation continues.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better. That drive will be a long one.


Calypso said...

I have brought in hundreds of CD and DVD's - probably more than a thousand - never caused a blink. We even brought a 6 shelf CD/DVD cabinet to store them. Of course, as I have mentioned we came in on FMT's when we did this - NOT an FM3

I am suspecting the CD's won't be an issue anyway - of course it is the fear of the unknown that always makes it interesting and something 'they' count on.

zannie said...

Surely the duties do not apply to used items?

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better.

We are all looking forward to Steve's Excellent Adventure.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we set off on our own excellent adventure in Puerto Vallarta tomorrow. It'll sure beat Boston's cold rain.

Steve Cotton said...

Horst -- Thanks. I am fighting my way through this cold.

Calypso -- I hope you are correct. This is one reason you and I hate borders.

Kim -- As am I. Best wishes for PV.

Steve Cotton said...

Zannie -- "Used" products are subject to Mexican duty based on their dxepreciated value -- just as every other natiuon does.

Marianne Kehoe said...

Those CD's would make me nervous - you never know who at the border would like to add them to their collection or fence them. What I did was back mine up on my computer - just the songs on each CD that I really enjoy listening to - and trashed the actual CD's. Easier storage, less freight, and I can play everything via my iPod and a little Bose player that has terrific sound.

Steve Cotton said...

Marianee -- I have not transferred the CDs to my hard drive because I do not like what compression does to digitized music. I may pay the price, though, at the border in duties.