Sunday, April 28, 2013

very like a wall

There is something new to see every day -- even in areas we know best.

Yesterday afternoon I was folding the laundry that Dora had hung to dry on Friday.  Maybe it was because laundry-folding is one of those mind-numbing tasks, I was looking around the courtyard merely to enjoy my little slice of Mexico.

And then it caught my eye.  A corner of the courtyard I seldom see.  Lit by the late afternoon sun.

Not a particularly pretty view.  But different. 

The pink and white plumeria are a bit stark without their leaves.  And the bougainvillea is a bit ant-tattered.  But the flowers mixed with the shadow and wall colors felt simultaneously calming and vibrant.  As if yin and yang had sat down for tacos in my courtyard and asked for a cup of Tao.

And the best realization is that these moments surround us every day.  In Mexico.  In The States.  In Paris.

We just need to pause.  Look.  Meditate.

And to be thankful that life can be best in the small things.

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