Wednesday, April 17, 2013

drinking in the culture

Today is about as multi-cultural as a day can be.

Ken and Patti's daughter, Kimmy, is attending her senior prom in a couple of weeks.  That means shopping for a prom dress.  A custom of which I know nothing.

But I do now.  Patti had found a store filled with exotic choices.  The store name -- Tacoma Discount World -- did not hint at its contents.

I recognized it the moment I walked in.

The gown choices looked as if they were a combination of a Mexican beauty contest and a quinceañera.  With colors that could be found in nature only in the higher reaches of the Amazon.

We left gownless.  But my multi-cultural evening was not over. 

Ken and Patti are neighbors, and close friends, to Fijians of Indian ancestry.  They invited us over to meet a Fijian national hero -- Waisale Serevi.  A member of the Rugby Hall of Fame.   Nicknamed "King of Sevens."

It was a great evening.  I am hardly an expert on rugby.  But we shared sports tales -- over three servings of kava.  And that was a first for me, as well.  People who say kava is relaxing are not exaggerating.  Its reputation as a calming agent is well-deserved.

Well-deserved enough that I am on my way to bed for a nice sleep.

Tomorrow -- I am on the road to Salem. 

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