Sunday, April 21, 2013

aim high

I am not a tall man -- by American standards.  But compared to my Mexican neighbors, I have height.

That is why I am baffled by a plumbing oddity I have encountered several times in Mexico.

This urinal is in a new restaurant on the highway near Melaque.  It has very good food.  But now and then I need to visit the rest room.

Let me give you a bit of perspective on the urinal.  The bottom lip of the ceramic hits me almost at my belt level.  And that creates some logistical issues.

And this is not the only urinal I have encountered that is mounted on the wall more as an art exhibit than as a utilitarian tool.   At least a third of the urinals in highway rest areas fall into the same category. 

If I have a problem figuring out the Rube Goldberg aspect of these high-hung artifacts, I cannot imagine how most Mexican men use them.  I guess there is an obvious possibility there, but I am not going down that road.

Maybe I should simply put an orange crate in the back of my new Escape.  It couldn't hurt.

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