Wednesday, April 03, 2013

escape from melaque

If my life is a television situation comedy, the supporting cast keeps changing. 

First, my brother drops out of the cast -- and then re-appears three seasons later.  The writers killed off my faithful pal Professor Jiggs half-way through the first season.  And now the Shiftless Escape is about to exit stage north.

I am not certain who -- I suspect it was Felipe -- notified me that Ford had completely redesigned the Escape for 2013,  Because I love change, I immediately found some photographs on line, and was underwhelmed.  It looked about as sexless as a Honda.

When I saw one at a Ford dealership up north, I was a bit put off with the structural blind spots created by the new sculpting.  And the price -- hovering around $40 K for the top model.

But it grew on me each time I looked at it.  And because I have been profoundly happy with my old Escape, I decided to buy one here in Mexico.

Now, the search begins.  Price is not an issue of where to buy in Mexico.  All dealers sell at the manufactured list price.

And, unlike American dealers, there is not a large inventory sitting on the lot just waiting for the right buyer to come along.  Most new cars are specifically ordered.

I am hoping I can see a better variety of inventory by driving up to Guadalajara today.  The three of us are heading out around 6 AM or so.  If we have time, we will swing through Colima on the way back and spend the night there. 

Or we may just do something entirely different.  After all, we are writing this sitcom for ourselves.

When we return, I hope to have some information to share on buying a new car in Mexico.

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