Saturday, April 13, 2013

all's well that ends swell

Let me cut to the end of the chase.  We made it to Bend from Melaque in just over four days.

I have written about some of our adventures, let me sum up with a few observations.

First, traveling with my brother is pure joy.  Not only does he get most of my quips, he serves up his own that are far better.  That is one thing that makes him my best friend. 

The past week was too action-packed to share it with someone who could not be bluntly honest with me.  The fact that he shares my joy in living means there is little need for bluntness.

Second, the trip north is beautiful.  Several times I commented that I would like to spend time photographing sights along the way, but we blasted north without stopping.  Even when I was the guy driving.  That is just who we are.  Our father's sons.

Third, both of us really enjoyed spending the night with my friends Roy and Nancy in Reno on Thursday night.  Having tender prime rib for dinner and well-constructed Eggs Benedict for breakfast made our two days of Oxxo ham and cheese sandwiches simply disappear from our memory. 

I miss very few things about The States.  But good food tops the list.

Fourth, the trip has sharpened my eye a bit.  We stopped in Lakeview, Oregon (just north of the California border) for a Subway sandwich and to fill the gas tank.  While the attendant was busy with the hose (because Oregon, like Mexico, still relies on people to fill your tank), I wandered over to the street corner.  To find this.

I drive thousands of miles to find Mexican food.  Irony is my fate.

On Monday, I intend to drive over to Salem to close out my credit union account and deposit that money in an account to be transferred to Mexico.  All of that to effect the purchase of a new Escape.

As for the Shiftless Escape, it has found a new home with my brother in Bend.  As we were driving north, we reminisced about our various stops with Professor Jiggs on the trip south almost exactly four years ago.

Jiggs is gone.  And now the Escape will be gone, as well.  It is a time for transitions.

Note:  I am considering stalling on purchasing the Escape.  The peso-dollar exchange has worsened over the past few months -- by almost twenty percent.  On the other hand, it may not get much better in the near future.  I will keep you posted.

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