Thursday, April 18, 2013

purple majesty

Talk about symbolism.

I woke up this morning in Olympia.  And this is what I saw through my bathroom window.  The sun rising behind Mount Rainier.
Well, what I saw was much better.  Instead of this rather impressionistic smear of colors.  And that is a polite description.  Out-of-focus amateur photography is closer to the mark.  

My trek north is drawing to a close.  I ended my two-day visit with Ken and Patti, and drove south to Salem -- for one primary purpose.  To close and consolidate my bank accounts.

My credit union would not allow me to close my account without seeing my shiny face.  So, appear I did.  That task is done.

But I still have no answer to the question of how to get a pile of pesos to the car dealership in Guadalajara.  The test deposit I made from my Banamex account on the day I left never made it to the intended account. 

My mama did not raise a fool.  At least, not a fool who will send 400,000 pesos into the electronic ether without having a vague idea of the destination.

I should be able to get an answer from my soon-to-be-former bank in Salem.  If not, I will check with BanamexUSA.

If that fails I may need to return to Melaque to talk with my bank manager.  I have learned one thing.  The Banamex web page is almost indecipherable.  And I don't need to make a mistake of that size.

One way or other, I am going to get that new Escape.


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