Saturday, March 01, 2008

blazers 119, lakers 111

The Cotton family eccentric holiday weekend is drawing to a close.

On Friday, we had dinner at Huber's in Portland (noted for its fantastic turkey dinners) to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday. Apparently, I have been living in a cave (probably populated solely by aging males) because I was totally unaware that big birthdays call for big events -- where halls are rented, calves are fattened and slaughtered, and walls are festooned with pictures that would be at home in a celebrity's biography. In other words, celebrating a birthday should have the annoyance factor of a modern wedding.

Instead, I opted for a family dinner where we could actually talk to one another without needing to put on a performance. (OK. I put on a performance, but it was for 8 other people. There are some personality traits tat seem to be out of my control.)

The list was short: my mother, her best friend, my brother, his wife, his daughter, his son and wife (plus their 3-month old baby), and me. It was an evening of flowers, cards, and small gifts. And great conversation.

At one point, Mom left the table. When she did not return for about 15 minutes, we started to get worried. We found her watching the basketball game cheering on her Blazers. Apparently, pro basketball players have more magic than the rest of us.

This morning I drove back to Portland to celebrate Christmas in March with nearly the same cast of characters (minus the baby and his mother). We have had a rule for several years now that gifts are forbidden at Christmas. My mother has never followed the rule. As a result, I left with my swag in tow -- four high-quality pans just right for the trip to Mexico, two new shirts, a book, a Starbucks card, a puzzle mouse pad, and something else that slips my mind. But it was the fellowship that made the day.

Mom and Ruth (her friend) leave for a week in Mazatlán on Monday. I should personally warn Nancy that the two of them are invading her new home town.

You will note two items are missing. First, my brother and I were unable to arrange a time to fly to Mexico together. I may need to take a trip down in May on my own. Second, we did not have the opportunity to talk with Mom about what she is going to do when she winds down her real estate business. That will have to wait until she returns from Mazatlán.


Babs said...

Your mom sounds like a real character! Your blog made me laugh out loud........MAY is the hottest month in Mexico before the summer rains come........just be forwarned.........

Anonymous said...

Huber’s is a great restaurant. It is the oldest still standing restaurant in the city according to them. I work about 4 blocks away so I do get there once in awhile for the great turkey sandwich or Thanksgiving like plate.
They recently made the bar non-smoking which is great since we traditionally have a Christmas get together there, co-workers and retirees.

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- She indeed is a character. At 80, she is far more athletic than I am. And I must admit that her good cheer is always a tonic for the family.

Jackie -- I agree with your assessment of Huber's. I have been dining there for about 30 years now. It is one of the only places where I do not feel out of place ordering Dom Perignon with my turkey dinner.

Jonna said...

Did I miss the explanation of why xmas in March? Just wondering.

I'm not very fond of xmas in December, the idea of it invading March as well is scary.

Steve Cotton said...

Holidays for the Cotton family are always hit and miss. This year we were unable to get together for both Thanksgiving and Christmas due to weather. But we have celebrated Christmas in July simply because we could not get together earlier than that. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite excuses to eat too much and to get together with the family to simply enjoy each other's company. I am not so hot on Christmas -- for reasons I described earlier. I thought we had come to an agreement several years ago to buy no presents. Each year, someone violates the pact -- big time. This year, it was my mother. But I did discover that I thoroughly enjoy spending time with them. Like almost everyone else, we allow busy-ness to interfere in our enjoyment of life.

Cory said...

It is true, his mom is a great "character"! Much fun.

Steve Cotton said...

Cory -- I have a feeling that Mom may show up in future postings. She just called from Mazatlan to say how much she is enjoying her stay. She will be back in Oregon this week.