Monday, November 15, 2010

jottings from the front

I would make a lousy war correspondent.

Unless I have my chair, my desk, and a reliable internet connection, I start falling off on my posts.

That has been the case on this trip.  Writing from Isla Mujeres was easy.  I had the guest room with a good internet connection.  Merida was the same.  Hotel chair and table.  Good connection.

Since then, I have not been so lucky. 

Theoretically, there was a connection in Progresso -- on the Gulf coast, but no one on the desk knew the code.  Tonight we are in Ticul.  The connection is all right.  But I am balancing my computer on my lap while a television blares in the background.

Here is my deal.  I may need to wait until I get back to Melaque to put together some essays.  What I have seen is fascinating.  Islagringo purposely put together a survey trip of Yucatan -- great stops with just enough time to get a feel for each area.

Here are a few tidbits.  We have seen Dzibichaltun -- a small Mayan administrative center, Progresso -- a sea town on the Gulf coast, Uxmal -- a major Mayan political center, Santa Elena -- and its odd child mummies, and Ticul -- where I am now being entertained with the sounds of Revolution Day Eve. 

All that in two days.

For now, I will enjoy the experiences -- and share them with you in just a week or so.

Until then, I will be on the road.

See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Pyle,

I suggest you obtain a portable Royal typewriter.


Joe S. said...

Wow, sounds like speed dating history. But its exciting because you're EXPLORING. Me, still at my desk

norm said...

Ticul is the easiest small town in the world to get lost in, two ways turn into one ways or no ways before your very eyes.