Thursday, November 11, 2010

mexico redux

Every good play deserves a revival.

I think of my return to Mexico a bit like that.  Or maybe it is simply act two -- with a long interval in The States.

Either way -- I am back.  And to an area I have never visited before.

I have long wanted to visit the Yucatan.  In the early 60s, the television critic for The Oregonian, Francis Murphy, would put down his pen and head south to the Yucatan to indulge in his other passion -- archaeology.  I suspect he is somewhat responsible for planting that bug in my head.

Until yesterday I had not set foot in this part of Mexico.  Sure, I had visited Cozumel on cruise ships.  But that is like saying you have visited Japan because you had a layover at Narita.

That changed yesterday.  I flew into Cancun and taxied my way over to the ferry terminal -- where I was met by one of my favorite bloggers: islagringo.

And there he was --waiting for me.

I felt as if I had known him for years, but this was our first meeting in person.  We were able to jump right into the middle of our conversation -- as if we had been having coffee with each other for years.  It is one of the amazing attributes of blogs.  Turning strangers into friends.  The alchemy of social networks.

 And, so, the adventure in Mexico begins again.  This time with a guide who not only knows the area, but knows me.

I am ready.


Calypso said...

Give Senor Islagringo a hug for me. I love that guy and have yet to meet him in person. One day....

MD in Texas said...

Ahhhhh! You are in favorite spot in the world! Can't wait to hear about your adventures.


Anonymous said...

Happy Veteran's Day Steve! Thank you for your service to your country.

Tell Wayne Teresa from Lake Stevens says hi.

Have a great time at the conference and visiting the Yucatan.


- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Welcome home, Steve!
Glad you're exploring the Yucatan, one of my most favorite places in MX. It's just stuffed with fascinating historical places to experience. Good for you!
And, you couldn't have a better host.
Buen viaje, amigo. Expect to see you up here in the highlands one day soon.

Irene said...

If you make it as far south as Chetumal there is a wonderful museum of Mayan culture. I have not been to Tulum since it became such a heavily favored tourist destination so I don't know if it is still as beautiful but the ruins on the cliff above the beach are worth the trip.

Tom said...

so are you two on Isla, or here in Merida?
curious minds want to know!

GlorV1 said...

Enjoy your new adventure Steve and take care.

Anonymous said...

Steve, the Yucatan is a place that dreams are made of. There is soooooo much to see and do. If you get an opportunity to see the ruins of Coba I think you would love it. We also will never forget Xcaret. The evening entertainment is spectacular. It is a two hour long extravaganza. I will never forget our day spent at Xcaret. We had decided not to go intially as we thought it was just a big tourist trap but the second to last day of our trip we decided to go and see just exacty what Xcaret was. Wow, it was definitely the highlight of our trip. It isn't for everyone but we absolutely loved it. We loved the float down the river (just floating in the water with a life jacket on) and we were underground with some natural light coming from certain areas of the ceiling above. It was about a 45 minute float and it was fantastic. If you can't take in these visits you'll have to plan a second trip back to the Yucatan. You have't seen a lightening storm until you have experienced one in the Yucatan. Have a great time and I am so glad you are meeting up with your blog friends.