Friday, November 12, 2010

through a mirror -- not so darkly

Today is one of those days I need to remember when my friends ask: "Why do you live in Mexico?"

Isla Mujeres is one of those places where it is difficult not to enjoy yourself.  If Walt Disney and Frank Zappa got together, they would probably think up something like this island.  Tourist fun with a nice layer of Mexican spontaneity.

The weather has been perfect.  For this Oregon boy that means not too hot, not too humid.  Clear skies.  Beautiful water.  White sand.  This is the stuff that vacations are made of.

We had a late breakfast at Ballyhoo's on the water this morning.  Good food with an obvious nod of the head to visitors.  But a favorite of my resident tour guides.

Then we were off to tour the island from north beach to south point.  Five miles of island.  And an amazing amount of diversity for such a small area.

Islagringo has covered all of this in his blog over the years.  My attempts to repeat it would be a pale copy.

But tonight my hosts outdid themselves.  We joined a Mexican friend, who is answering the call of love in Scandinavia, and two Canadians at a restaurant that easily ranks among the best in my experience.  Mediterranean food.  Run by two Israelis with an emphasis on Moroccan cuisine. Not exactly the usual mix I have found in Mexico.

If you come to the island, don't miss Olivia.  It is not just for special occasions.

We then stopped by one of the clubs that islagringo has featured in his blog: Adelita's -- with its fractured mirror bar.  I could not resist temptation.  To take a photograph of me taking a photograph, that is.  Evidence attached.

Good music.  Good friends.  Good food.

A perfect start to my return.

Tomorrow we are on our way to Merida.  And the conference.

More on that tomorrow.  I hope.


Calypso said...

The Proof Mirror! You are really there. I bet our amigo is even more fun than you imagined.

Hitting the hot spots and giving the tour probably get old for islagringo - however I am sure this time has got to be fun.

Looking forward to YOUR reports since the other guy puts his on hold until it is all over - hmmm.

We live vicariously through our fellow Bloggers.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

have a great time enjoying our side of the country.

NWexican said...

Sure sure, just twist the knife a little more before you break it off in my heart... It's a balmy 35 right now in good ol' Salem..

Unknown said...

Isla Mujeres is a great place for a bachelor such as yourself. However I would prefer Isla de los Hombres if there is such a place. Have fun.

Jackie said...

Now you are in my favorite place. I hope that you enjoyed your stay on Isla.