Sunday, November 07, 2010

thanksgiving 2010

In Canada, it is celebrated on the first Monday in October.  In Liberia, the first Monday in November.  In America, the fourth Thursday in November.

The world has its schedule.  The Cottons have theirs.  And Saturday was Cotton Thanksgiving.

For some reason, our family does not celebrate holidays on their designated date.  There is the obvious reason that we are a clan of contrarians.  That explains much about the tone of this blog.

But there is a more rational (and gracious) explanation.  Our schedules simply preclude getting together.  We are a people who find joy in work.

This year there is another reason, though.  I fly away on the morning of 10 November -- and I wanted to be part of my favorite holiday.

I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving.  It is a value-laden holiday without the adrenalin and bile of Christmas.

It is a time to enjoy family and food in relaxing surroundings.  This year, the setting was not one of our homes, but a favorite restaurant: Huber's in Portland.  Where turkey dinners are always the specialty.

We are not a large tribe.  There is my mother, my brother (Darrel), his wife (Christie), my niece (Kaitlyn), my nephew (Ryan), his wife (Sara), and their son (Collin).  Darrel flew in from Virginia -- just in time for dinner.  (That is a photograph of my sainted bother and his grandson, Collin, at the top of this post.)

The turkey at Huber's is always good.  But the chance to share the evening with some of the most clever and witty people I know was even better.  Four generations of people simply enjoying one another.

And I am thankful for every one of them.

Now, I just need to figure out some plan to get all of them south of the border on regular visits.


Tancho said...

It's called a airplane ticket, call your AMEX travel-agent and they do the rest!

pilotrod said...

I love your blog, my wife and I have been traveling to Mexico for many years, fell in love with the Mayan Riviera, and are buying property near Playa. My older brothers, who have never been think we are crazy. Keep up the good work.

Steve Cotton said...

Tancho -- The problem is time. They are a working lot.

Pilotrod -- Great to hear a new voice. Keep us posted as you move down. My brother would gladly trade places with me. Said so this morning.

Michael Dickson said...

Adrenalin and bile of Christmas. I like that, and it´s true.

You´re a lucky man to have nice relatives.

Tom said...

You could entice them with a Turkey dinner Mexican style, or relleno negro, or.... plus that ticket Tancho mentions - That should do the trick. You can get organic free range turkeys here in Merida!

Calypso said...

I like a man that creates his own holiday schedule - you will fit right in in Mexico