Friday, November 05, 2010

smell of the crowd

I am an actor.

Well, I have the soul of an actor.  I love performing in front of a group of people -- almost anywhere. 

That is one reason I looked forward to coming back to my former employer -- if only for a brief stay.  I wanted to -- metaphorically -- put on the grease paint and strut the boards.

It didn't quite turn out that way.  I returned as a mentor-trainer for my replacement.  That meant I did not get to do all of the general training and related appearances that made my old job so much fun.

But I have a new outlet for my frustrated thespian gene.  I just finished putting the final touches on my presentation for the
Third Annual Latin American Bloggers' Conference -- on a topic most of us should find interesting.  And I am looking forward to doing it.
The conference will mark my return to Mexico -- and my return to road trips.  I will tell you a little more about that in the next few days.

For now, I will simply tune up my vocal chords.  There is some serious acting to be done.


Tancho said...

I do hope you video tape it and put it on Youtube for the people that will not be able to make the trip?
After all, if you want the recognition, the fame, the identity of being the expert at your topic and presentation, WE all want to see it!
You have taunted us with the proverbial 11 O'Clock we want the rest of the news.......

Marilyn said...

Have a super time at the bloggers conference..........
Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!
Revel! Marilyn

Leslie Harris said...

I agree with Tancho...a video for those of us not going would be greatly appreciated! :) Or a blog post! :)

Calypso said...

There should be available AT LEAST a transcript or better yet a UTube as Tancho suggests.

Anonymous said...

Mr. C:

Do you take requests?

I'd love to hear about your "kind of" dinner with Andre during your trip to the coast.

Anonymous said...


Will you take a request?

I'd love to hear about your "kind of" dinner with Andre...


- Mexican Trailrunner said...

What a cute post!
I won't get to go either so I join Tancho is requesting a video of your much anticipated presentation.
Happy for you that you will soon be back among us. We expect to see you as you wind your way around this beautiful country.

jennifer rose said...

Video AND transcript, please

Anonymous said...

Should I be thinking of President Truman's singing daughter?


La Cubanófila said...

At least a sneak peek at the topic, eh?

Steve Cotton said...

Tancho -- Now, if we went around taping live performances, where would live theater be?

Marilyn -- And you will soon find out.

Leslie -- I am sure a blog post is in our future.

Calypso -- Truth (or, at least, presentations) come in many forms.

Anonymous -- Ah, yes. Dinner. Coming.

Mexican Trailrunner -- Returning. Soon.

Jennifer -- I may be contacting you before I do my presentation.

ANM -- Mixing our posts again?

La Corista -- Maybe. We shall see.