Sunday, November 21, 2010

silence on the home front

I have arrived in Melaque on Revolution Day.

Only to discover I am without internet in the house.

So, here I am at my favorite neighborhood restaurant, The Frog, borrowing a bit of signal while I have dinner.

I assume I will have the internet issue resolved soon.  But, until then, there may be a short period of silence on this end.

In the few hours I have been home, I am set up and ready to enjoy my next stage of adventure in Mexico.  Except for one thing.  The battery in my Escape is dead.

But, this is Mexico -- and everything will turn out well in the end.  Or, at least, I will accept whatever turns out.

I guess it is the same thing.


Islagringo said...

The three of us here have been wondering why you have remained silent. Hope you get your wires uncrossed soon!

Steve Cotton said...

My first Melaque post should show up soon. Then I will resume The Great Road Trip.

jackie said...

I am looking forward to more of our travel reports. I hope that you get back on line soon.

Unknown said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you were here to enjoy our snow, single digit temperatures and a day of overeating. In typical Cotton fashion, we will get together Friday instead of Thursday. We will miss you and your conversation, but will proceed as if you were here to defend yourself. I’m glad to see you are back to the land of unpredictability where the biggest problems in life are a dead battery and a severed umbilical cord.

Steve Cotton said...

Jackie -- And they will be coming soon. I just need to get through all of these homecoming joys.

Darrel -- And a Happy Thanksgiving back at you. I see I am not too late for our family. Do I need to send the ghost of Jiggs up there to defend my honor?