Sunday, August 30, 2015

tanned, rested, and -- resting some more

I had intended to post some observations conerning my hospital stay.  But circumstances have intervened.

The doctor removed my bandage this afternoon.  The good news is the swelling and redness are receding.  That means something is working.

There is a good deal of uncertainty of what caused the condition.  My white blood cell count is not elevated.  It should be if I have cellulitus -- even though all of my other symptoms are consistent with that diagnosis.

The doctor offered the postulate of an insect bite.  However, there is no obvious toxin ring anywhere on my leg or foot.

Whatever is causing the condition, the combination of anti-inflammatories and antibiotic cocktails seems to be working.  Slowly.  I add that "slowly" because the doctor suggested I may need several more days of hospital rest to fight off the remnants of the condition.

Amazingly, I am not yet bored.  But I am tired.  I have been sleeping rather than reading.  As a result, I have not been able to answer all of the very kind emails and comments you have been sending.  An opening for correspondence assistant needs to be posted. 

Thanks for all of them.  Please do not feel slighted if I do not respond within the coming week.  I will get around to them soon.

Right now, though, I intend to nap.  The joys and woes of hospital life can wait for another day.

And appears I will have that day -- and more.

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