Saturday, August 29, 2015


Just a quick note.

I am off to the hospital to kick this infection. To no one's surprise (including my own), I have proven to be constitutionally unable to stay in bed if left alone.  I have the discipline of a golden retriever puppy.

My hope is that the antibiotics delivered by IV will work far better than the tablets and injections. We can debate whether I made the correct service choice when I am discharged.

The prospect of being bound by IVs to a bed for longer than 20 minutes has already made me bored and claustrophobic.  I am taking reading material.  But the moment I get bored, I can't read.  I call it my Airplane Syndrome.

I would be the world's most ungrateful person if I did not tell you how much I have appreciated your input. And I promise, we will all soon get off of this boring topic of Steve's health. And get back to interesting subjects -- like the most amazing sighting I had in my courtyard this week.

See you on the other side. I am assuming the hospital will be without internet.

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