Friday, August 14, 2015

they're back

That has to be one of the creepiest lines in horror cinema.  From Poltergeist II -- if my memory serves me.

What will serve you tonight is one of the best free shows of the year.  The annual Perseid meteor shower. 

Our little home planet by the sun has been crashing its way through the detritus of the comet that sounds as if it was named for a Victorian English woman novelist -- Swift-Tuttle.  The result is a night filled with what we romantically call falling stars.  Which makes me wonder why the comet is not named after Norma Desmond.

The show has been under way since 17 July.  And will not close until 24 August.

So, why am I writing today instead of almost a month ago?  Because last night and tonight are going to be one of the best times to catch that falling star and put it in your pocket.  For most of the night, there will be no moon trying to hog the spotlight with its own light.

There should simply be one shooting star after another.  The estimate is almost one per minute.  For those of you with patience issues, you should be able to catch at least one on a commercial break. 

Me?  I will be out in the pool gazing up from the courtyard.  At least, until the mosquitoes drive me inside.

My advice is to watch the show with someone you love.  After all, as the old saying goes: save water; meteor shower with a friend.  Or something like that.

And, if you miss this particular show, it will be re-run next year at about the same time.

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